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Dualglaze uPVC Sliding Sash Windows

Dualglaze uPVC sash windows have been designed with authenticity in mind. Combining classic looks with modern engineering, our uPVC sash windows will definitely make your property stand out from the crowd.

High Security Features: The cutting - edge design offers strength and security to your sash windows, with an innovative anti jemmy aluminium security bar that prevents the bottom sash from being forced open. Whilst galvanised steel reinforcing creates a rigid, high-strength sash window that's built to last.

Low Maintenance and Stylish Looks: Dualglaze uPVC sash windows are designed for easy maintenance. With inward opening sashes  for safe and easy cleaning from within your home or place  of work and triple seals for exceptional

draft proofing. Decorative sash horns fitted as standard and sculpted internal ovolo bead, means your sash windows not only look great but gives maximum security at the same time.

Thermal and Acoustic Efficiency Guaranteed: An integral overhead vent provides a flow of fresh air all year round, without compromising the security of the sash window. The three chambered profile also offers excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, creating a comfortable environment all year round. As you would expect from Dualglaze products, the Dualglaze uPVC sash window complies with the thermal efficiency requirements of the Building Regulations when used with thermal efficient glass.

Travel Restrictors

A shark fin device used to restrict the opening of the sash to 100mm, to meet current building regulations. Available in white, chrome and gold

Sash Stops

A section of profile that sits on the top of the inside and bottom of the outside frame to restrict the sash from opening fully. The restriction is normally set to between 100mm and 200mm. Also known as limit stops or a frame stop

Decorative Sash Horns

Fitted to the outside of the sash as an original feature. These are fitted as standard. Available in white, cream and tan

Astragal Bars (Added Extra)

Decorative sculptured bars that give the sash the illusion it has individual panes of glass. These are positioned on both the inside and outside of the glass with a duplex spacer bar in the sealed unit.

Georgian Bars (Added Extra)

Internal decorative bars that create a georgian effect. These are available in widths of 18mm and 25mm.

Cill Horns

An extended piece of cill at either end of the window.

Sash Lifts

An 'r' shaped handle positioned internally at the bottom of the sash to lift the window up. These are fitted as standard and are available in white, chrome and gold

D Handles (Added Extra)

An alternative to sash lifts, positioned internally to lift the window up. A single D handle can also be fitted to the outside sash to assist opening and closing. These are not fitted as standard. Available in white, chrome and gold

Pole Eyes

Fitted on the inside of the top sash to assist with opening and closing. Also known as finger pulls, they are fitted as standard and are available in white, chrome and gold

Tilt Knobs

Sliding decorative knobs used to open and tilt the sashes. Fitted as standard on all our frames and are available in white, chrome and gold

Tilt Restrictors

These bars allow the window to be tilted inwards for easy cleaning and ventilation. Fitted as standard on all our windows


Profile Colour Option:

(White & Cream)

Foil Inside & Out Colour Option:

(White, Cream, Irish Oak & Golden Oak)


Foil Inside & Out Colour Option:

(White, Cream, Irish Oak & Golden Oak, mahogany, grey & black)